How Town Residential Saw Success

When Town Residential first came onto the New York City Real estate scene three years ago, they were a small real estate company that needed to compete for the top spot in everything that they did. They did not have many clients to start off with, but they quickly built up their client base from nothing to something.


Starting out, they made sure that they were always competitive and that they could do the best for what they had to offer people in New York City. This led to them being one of the best companies because of the competition that they felt was always there. They worked hard and were a very competitive company when they first got started. They made sure that they were able to get to the highest spot possible when it came to New York City real estate and what they were able to offer their clients.


Since they were doing this, they made sure that they made as many contacts as possible in the real estate industry. They got friendly with land developers and other people in New York City who would be able to help them meet as many clients as possible. This led to an increase in their client base and gave them a chance to show off the skills that they were planning to use as their business got larger. It was a great opportunity to build their business and create growth for themselves in the process while still helping out their clients.


Since Town Residential worked so hard, they continued to be one of the best real estate companies in New York City even after they had established their initial client base. They never stopped working hard to make their goals and they are always looking for new clients who need to find something in New York City that will suit their needs. They have been able to see a lot of great clients and this has led to the success that they have had in that time. It has made them better and has given them the option to be successful in the real estate field.


Unlike other New York City real estate newcomers, Town Residential has only grown further in the three years that they have been in business. Starting out, they only had one office that they worked out of in Manhattan. Since that time, they have gained around three new offices per year, or slightly over that amount. They recently opened their tenth office in celebration of three years in business. They plan for this office, on the Hudson, to be one of the best and biggest ventures that they have had since they first opened up.


How Eric Pulier Changed Philanthropy With Tech

Most people can name at least a few examples of tech pioneers taking up philanthropy as a cause. Bill Gates and his efforts to solve important issues such as poor education and lack of clean water. Mark Zuckerberg and his goal of bring internet access to even the most remote corners of the planet. Standing above all others is Eric Pulier. Developing his brilliance at an early age Pulier was programming by the time he was 9 years old and created his first software company while he was still in high school. Like many other child prodigies he ended up attending the prestigious University Of Harvard where he graduated with his degree in computer science.

Pulier started his career he shifted his focus primarily towards innovation and the ways he could use that innovation to improve the way people communicate with each other. Among some of his creations are Desktone, Akana, and Media Platform. These projects created new ways for people to communicate and connect to each other. His work in connecting people eventually led to one of Pulier’s biggest ventures into philanthropy Starbright World. As the world’s first private social network Starbright World gave chronically ill children the ability to connect to other children afflicted with similar conditions. The website served as a precursor of Facebook but for a much more specific audience. After seeing Pulier’s efforts Bill Clinton eventually decided to place Eric Pulier on the Clinton Global Initiative Panel. Currently Eric Pulier continues to serve the Clinton Global Initiative in meeting its goals of bringing about international change.

Can GTL be Trusted? Securus Says No

When institutions that service different aspects of the justice system need to communicate with partners or the world at large they turn to a company like Securus Technologies to meet their telecom needs. Though it’s a market that’s growing all the time, there are few big time players that compete with Securus, and with limited competition there’s increased potential for abuse.

In a report released by Securus the company turns attention to competitor Globa Tel Link and the work they did for the Louisiana Department of Corrections. According to a report compiled by the Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC) in January 1998, GTL was guilty of violating business practices in an attempt to cheat their client and enrich themselves.

According to the 17-page report the Louisiana PSC compiled, GTL was found guilty of having tampered with logged times of calls, extending them to increase their charge and certain calls were billed more than once on statements. This set of record manipulation by GTL was a deliberate attempt to dupe their client and elevate the cost of services in a manner that does away with business principles. This left the state of Louisiana to foot the inflated bill GTL served them for outbound calls. Louisiana PSC’s investigation found that in addition to the billing for actual services they provided the Louisiana Department of Corrections, GTL managed to overcharge their client more than $1.2 million.

These practices are entirely unacceptable, according to Securus’ CEO Richard A. Smith. He’s been quite vocal about service to law enforcement and the critical role they play in helping the respond to emergency situations and perform their job efficiently. It’s one reason why he boasts Securus’ standing with the Better Business Bureau and their standing in this market. Securus has made a commitment to highlighting GTL’s continued abuse of clients in a series of reports made available on their site.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.